Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is it?

A group of volunteers who are patients of the practice and seek to promote and enhance delivery of health-care services both within the practice and in the wider NHS community as planned changes come into effect.

What is it purpose?

To act in furtherance of patients’ interests by:

  • Working with the doctors and staff to provide a patient perspective on all that the practice does and provides
  • Fostering good communications between the practice and its patients
  • Promoting a relationship in which patients and the doctors get the best out of one another
  • Helping patients to take more responsibility for their health and providing practical support to enable them to do so
  • Seeking to influence decisions within the wider NHS as changes take effect about health-care services available in the future

How does this concern me, as a patient?

The PPG will function best by support from a broad cross-section of patients (including carers). You can help by telling us about your particular situation, where you fit in and whether you would benefit from the formation of one of the special Patient-led groups that we are aiming to develop (such as a Carers Group or Mental Health Group). Better still, we’d like you to join us by becoming an active member (contact details are shown below). Big changes to the NHS are already under way: including particularly the way health-care services are to be commissioned and delivered. This could have significant implications for you. Joining us will provide an opportunity to have your say.

What does being a member involve?

Primarily attending PPG meetings, held at the surgery (always in the evening) approximately every 6-8 weeks.

Who can become a member?

Generally, anyone who is a patient within the practice and chooses to participate actively in PPG’s work. We would appreciate your involvement, so come and join us. Look on the website calendar for dates of meetings and events.

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PPG Chair

David Del’Nero

PPG Co-Chair

Streatham Patient Participation Group Network